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shedding skin

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

I wish to create more female bodies but it isn't very often that I end up working on them. I've come to realize that they only come out when this enclosed space in my mind where a certain thought or an emotion dwelling has reached the peak in its intensity. Most of the times I speak to my close pals and forget about it, then there are other times when I just create work out of them. Female bodies I create talk about a state of mind, they are my state of being.

Shedding Skin, was a midnight musing with one of the lingering emotions that needed an outlet.

This sculpture came into being as a part of something I scribbled a while back.

The many skins I wore of you,

I will now shed.

and I will wear them again tomorrow;

of another person, transform and imitate

But today, I shed.

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