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curious embodiment of materials 

A multidisciplinary design space.


Selves is a personal journey of Pooja's artistic and material curiosity.

Her long love for furniture shows in the works of Selves.

Whereas, clay has been her new found discovery.



muse objects embodying the characteristics, and our

conscious and subconscious being


A simple, subtle and unobstructed beauty.

It is enriched with intrinsic timeless tranquility. Look past the appearance and you find peace within the endangered.


Balance between simplicity and complexity is what

Shibui wears at its crown.

One finds new meaning and enrichment in the surrounding.

Value its aesthetics and Shibui will age and grow with you.

Shibui is elegant and rough, spontaneous and restrained.

It is meditative and understated, but not innocent. 

“Spare elegance is evident in darkling serenity with a hint of sparkle”

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