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Shop openings


Recurring works: Some of the products like chain links, heart series, feet-up, and pinched trinkets are a part of my recurring works which are always in production. However, I do not stock in large quantities since Selves is a space where everything is crafted, cared for, and run by 1 person, that is me. Once the stocks have ran out, your orders will go into preorder listing with a lead time of 4 weeks. Please ensure to check the SKU (stock-list) before checking out from the cart.

One-Offs / Limited Editions: For works that are created as limited series or one-offs, you may have to be quick with buying. These are pieces that will not be repeated again and requests to reproduce them will not be accepted unless it's a large quantity order subject to feasibility of production. For which check out Commission Section here or get in touch with me via email

Shopping Cart

During shop openings, you are able to put items into your virtual shopping cart. However, these items are not reserved for you until the transaction is complete. This means someone else may purchase this item in the meantime. I understand this can be frustrating but this is the way most websites work to ensure people don’t just fill up their carts and stop others from browsing.


Pre-orders are only accepted on our regular series of works. I produce in small batches and once the stock is sold out, your orders will go to pre-orders which helps me understand better the batch for the monthly shop update. Please bear with me as this is the best way I can keep the studio running without having to deal with dead stock by overproducing.


I love to work on large chain-link installations or anything that I believe to be true to my aesthetic sensibilities., Please get in touch via email or send in your queries through the contact form.


Please see our terms and conditions or write to me with any issues you’re experiencing. Like trust issues.


All my work is handmade and are more fragile than industrially manufactured work.

I recommend handwashing the glazed pinch pots, and avoid using them with food or drink that heavily stains.

As for sculptures and décor objects, light dusting with a soft brush is suggested, anything with hard bristles may scratch the pieces.


Press and PR

Please write to


Visiting the studio

I would love to have people around but currently, the studio space is usually filled with a lot of fragility around called drying clay ware, and since the space is small. I wouldn't want to risk the orders and production. 

Thank you for taking the time to read these, if you have any other questions please email me and I'll try my best to get back to you with as much information as possible. 

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