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From the many me...

Selves biomorphs personal observations into collectible art, objects and functional furniture.
   It wants you to invest into the identity of emotions they embody and a little humor.

 Everything we do is an anecdote to personal stories and experiences which translate into material objects.
Our sole objective is to create experiences you resonate to in your daily lives.

A7X07256 DT.jpg

I want SELVES to be an honest space with natural dialogues and  thoughts that translate into material objects. Clay being an essential part of this artistic journey of finding myself, most of the works you find here is ceramic art pieces and objects.


However, being born into a family of woodworkers, the rooted history and my love for wood will show time and again. These are techniques that I have practiced and developed through passion that comes from a place of nostalgia.


I try not to categorize my work within specific  boundaries of neither aesthetics nor thought process.  SELVES is freedom to express the constant changes in landscapes of life. In doing so, we lose some and gain some. 

Finding my way with clay has made more aware of myself and the life that surrounds me. This beautiful capsule that is full of curiosity and nurturing endless emotions has led me to discover the many versions of myself and accept them all. The same nurturing and sharing is what I wish to convey through SELVES.


From the many me... to you!

From us... to ourselves. 

Pooja Chamudiya

Ceramic Artist 

Soul behind SELVES

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