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Pinched Cups

Updated: May 27, 2022

When we learn pottery mainly hand-building, pinching is the first technique that you are introduced to. Gradually once you learn other techniques and wheel throwing, pinching takes a backseat. To me, pinching is my way of breathing in the present when in distress. Forming a piece between your palms by pinching through the center of a ball of clay is a beautiful process that needs engaging of your mind and senses with the palm. This helps in calming up my nerves and release stress.

Each piece that comes out of this technique is unique and no form is same. I believe every hand has its own way of forming a piece that is true to each of our individual being.

I haven't dwelled in the world of crockery yet, mainly because there are so many beautiful artists out there doing some work and my current line of work forms involve sculpting which I thoroughly enjoy. However, time and again you will see a hand pinched dish in the store update here on Selves. I make them as a part of mind aligning ritual when sitting to work on new pieces. I also call them my palm openers. Not afraid of going as thin I can get with the wall of bowls and dishes, that is where I find my joy, by pushing the boundaries yet finding a sweet spot that tells me to stop, that is engagement to me!

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